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You'll soon find I can quickly get onto your wavelength. My track record shows that my copywriting is highly effective. It delivers measurable results. It usually impresses clients. And I hope it'll impress you.

My copywriting has been working very hard, keeping clients very happy (and usually coming back for more) for many years. I've helped clinch deals worth millions, as well as shifting low value items by the thousand. I can sell products and communicate ideas powerfully, getting across all kinds of messages to all kinds of people.

It's not just a question of words down on paper. You'll probably like my approach to a project. Call me on 01626 854572 and see what I mean.

So what writing do you need? A strong sales pitch or an elegant article? Something to impress a highly academic audience, or to please the most down to earth readers? A simple summary, or detailed analysis? Short crystal clear explanations or long meaty reports?