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Quality & Satisfaction

Maybe a bit more than you'd expect.

You're looking for high quality and complete satisfaction and you'll get it here. You'll find consistently powerful writing carefully sharpened up to suit the project, media and audiences. You'll also get a degree of reliability and project management which is refreshingly different.

Fast turnaround

Yes, I can work fast. However, high speed and high quality rarely go hand in hand. So I'll be pleased to accept a commission with a tight deadline, whenever there's enough time to delight the client.

Interest and style for good response

Waffle, waffle, yawn, yawn. Copywriters sometimes find subjects boring, and can't hide that in their work.   I've worked in a wide range of industry sectors; some of them inherently exciting and glamorous, some less obviously interesting. Whatever the subject, I make it interesting, and I create something that engages the reader.

Working to budget

Need a quote now? Phone me. I'll provide a written estimate quickly and a verbal one on the spot, usually setting out a fixed fee. My rates are reasonable, but really - as you know - it's not just about the rates. You'll probably save time and money with me, as my copywriting usually hits the mark very accurately. Client amends are typically minimal, so you don't waste time and money.

Satisfaction again and again

Who can guarantee 100% satisfaction?  But I'm confident you'll be very well satisfied with my copywriting.  Over the past twelve years, more than nine out of ten clients have come back for more.

"Right first time"?

Well, that's a bit of a daydream for all copywriting. However, most of my work sails through easily with surprisingly few changes. That means everyone's job gets easier.