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Target Audiences

Who do you want to talk to?

Who do you need to sell to?

As successful marketing isn't really about dealing with impersonal markets, what count is finding the words which real people like. Show me your audience, and I'll quickly give you an idea of what we can do together to win them over...  

  • writing in the language they respond to
  • choosing words that both client and audience like
  • cutting through the crap

...and exploiting jargon when it's appropriate, avoiding it when it isn't.

Sometimes I use some fancy techniques - using for example NLP, which I won't explain here but would be pleased to tell you a bit about. Call me if you'd like to know more... 01626 854572

So who do you need to target?

I can help you press the right buttons with all sorts of people. I've done so successfully with for example:-

Finance Directors & MDs of major plcs  MDs of SMEs   Professional trainers    Scientists   Engineers  Doctors & nurses  Psychologists   Tourists Day Trippers   Long Haul Travellers   Fleet managers  Logistics Directors   Health & Safety Officers    Despatch managers   Car Dealers   I T directors and managers   Factory managers   Facilities Managers  Site managers   PC users  Mobile Network Operators Local authorities  Houseproud affluent couples   Young mums & dads   Leisurely Walkers   Serious Hikers   Yacht owners  Ship Owners  Airline operators   Professional Builders   DIYers   Artists and Craftsmen  Amateur Hobbyists   Young school leavers  Teachers  Mature students  Primary school children