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Technical Copywriting

What needs explaining? 

Who do we need to win over?

Many copywriters don't make a good job of writing long material. Complex arguments, detailed brochures and catalogues, technical stuff and reports, material where you have to get your round complex issues - all these need a certain attitude and organisational skills that doesn't come naturally to most creatives.

You can tap into my experience - and success with .... tenders and proposals - questionnaire and survey design and wording - catalogues - research findings - academic summaries - reports - books - statistical analysis - strategic and marketing plans - internal communications - customer care - legal and technical summaries.

Invisible words. Visible results.

Sometimes words can play an important role even when not seen by the public.  Paying extra attention to details such as internal memos can really pay off.  Failing to do so can lose you people and business.

I've been involved in projects for motivating staff and helping frontline staff and sales forces - showing them how to use words (written and, more importantly, spoken) better to improve their effectiveness. You'd be surprised at how valuable this can be. Let me tell you more - call me on 01626 854572.