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Case Studies

Good words can pay great dividends.

Can mail really make millions?

I provided concepts and copywriting for a mailing to existing customers of a major plc.  It achieved the client's highest ever response rate, 36% - over 6,000 valuable sales leads. It led to a major opportunity for introducing a new service generating sales over £10million p.a.. No other sales push was needed for the service.

Teenagers don't read, right?  Luckily, wrong.

It's hard getting a positive response from a very difficult audience like pre-A level teenagers. All the more so when you're working with a government agency. I wrote a new mailpack for vocational training working with a very sparky design studio. We increased responses sixfold. Embarassing, really.

Getting personal helps in acquisitions

A client was interested in buying independent businesses across the UK. Some trade press advertising had yielded nothing. I developed a special, very personal mailing to business owners. It achieved an extraordinarily high response (over 35%) and provided the client with great choice for investing his millions.

Better words, better coverage

I wrote a series of case studies in a technical field, using non-technical language, and very easy to read. One editor was planning a special supplement and invited several competitor companies to contribute short articles. I got his agreement to look at a much longer article: he decided to use it as a long feature in its complete form. This provided the client with more than three times the column inches of any of its competitors.

Can a good story clinch a £40m deal?

I devised, directed and wrote a series of case studies leaflets, summarising complicated contracts. They were very popular with the sales force - used as sales leave behinds, in p.r., direct mail and supporting tenders and  presentations. 

The sales director told me that one of the case studies was the deciding factor in winning a new £40m contract. (Maybe he was exaggerating, but it was very nice of him to say so!)