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Below is part of a letter for a mailpack. It went with a suitably punchy brochure using my concepts and copy. This letter helped make the product one of  the year's bestsellers for the publisher.

Often overlooked or underplayed, lengthy covering letters can pay dividends (for reasons I'd be happy to explain, but not here).  


Dear Mr Name

New Training Activities to Soothe a Pounding Heart ...

A red faced man has just come in and is jabbing his finger at the receptionist. Does she know how to handle the situation?

Two colleagues are arguing. Tempers are fraying. Who knows how to calm things down?

An angry customer insists on speaking to "the person in charge - NOW!".  He won't take no for an answer. The mood's getting ugly. How will your people handle it?

Fenman Training's new activitiy pack Dealing with Difficult and Aggressive Behaviour provides explanation and practice of the skills needed to manage potentlly dangerous or damaging situations like these, safely and professionally.

Dealing with Difficult and Aggressive Behaviour has 19 expertly written training activities to ensure your people feel confident in managing aggressive and upsetting situations. Drawing upon their own experiences to make the learning releveant to their own "difficult enounters", participants learn and practicse the skills and techniques they need to defuse explosivesituations.

Use this pack, and you'll be able to deliver learning that hits the nail on the head, and prevents customers and colleagues from hitting anything else!

From practising exercises in a safe place, they'll quickly be able to deploy their skills at the front line of customer care... and wherever else they may face difficult situation at work...


This was one of more than 60 mailpacks I've worked on for this client. If you'd like to know more, and see more of the very wide range of direct mail I've been involved in, do call me on 01626 854572.