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to win business for an emergency service

From a 4 page brochure to help launch a special service for facilities managers and insurance companies. The service was heavily oversubscribed within a few weeks. 


What you need. When you need it. Where you need it.

Brandon Storm Force is your high speed route to two, twenty or two hundred pieces of equipment. Sign up for this special service now:- it's only available to a few companies. The backup you'll get is remarkable. 

With just one phonecall, you have one contact point to arrange for the tools and equipment, delivered where you want, when you want, any time of day.

Imagine. Offices flooded. Some people poring over Yellow Pages, floundering around on the phone. You'd have the instant answer. Whatever the time of day or night. Your Brandon Storm Force hotline. One phone call could produce all the equipment you need.

Or think of a fire in a factory. The company will get burnt badly if security, cleanup and safety issues aren't sorted out in a flash. Some people are getting hot and bothered failing to find the right support. 

You'd have the complete operation covered. Call your Brandon Storm Force hotline. It'll cool the situation fast.


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