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From Devon Tourism brochure on Dartmouth ... 


There are probably some places you've visited which will stay in your memory all your life. Dartmouth could be one of these places.

With its remarkable location, nestling on the hillside by a natural deepwater harbour, with breathtaking sights all around, it's an unforgettable place, and it's a town with a unique style. What makes Dartmouth so unusual is its immense range of choice and its contrasts. You're in the middle of glorious countryside, yet you're in a busy, bustling, exciting town that has a real cosmopolitan air about it.

Dartmouth has delighted millions of visitors for centuries. Today, visitors from all over the world come here - and for good reason. It's remarkable for Devon, it's remarkable for Britain and it's remarkable for Europe.

You often hear French and German, Italian and Dutch spoken here, sometimes Russian and Japanese, but it's the sights and the feel of the place atmosphere that make you think of other great places around the world. The rare quality of light, the breathtaking views and the atmosphere create an almost Mediterranean buzz about it.

Yet just a few miles away to the nearby villages, and you're in deepest rural Devon, where it can feel as if the world's stopped still.

Many people consider this to be the loveliest part of the most beautiful county in England. No one can deny that there's great beauty and interest in every direction ...

Exploring the coast road you'll discover the pretty coastal villages of Stoke Fleming, Strete, Torcross and Beesands.   Travel a little inland and you'll find charming timeless villages by gentle rivers or in peaceful valleys.  Even in the busiest days of summer, here are quiet, peaceful havens for you to relax in ...


The copy for this brochure completely moved away from a dull catalogue to a tastier style of writing, using certain techniques which would trigger positive responses in readers.   The result?  You can only get anecdotal information about the success of this kind of thing. Nice ladies in tourist offices very complimentary (but they're trained to be nice, aren't they?). However, a reasonable indicator of satisfaction is that most of the copywriting has been reused for the 2007 edition.

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