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Words for a fast moving world

Making complex things simpler

 Below, intro from a brochure for a very fast moving industry, where new technologies, acronyms and products proliferate. And unless they're controlled right, they can hide the real story of what the business can do for the client.


New futures within your reach

Lucent Technologies is one the world's leaders in designing, developing and manufacturing telecommunications systems....

Our integrated systems and software applications means that our clients - wireline and wireless network operators all over the world - can provide innovative, highly reliable and cost-effective solutions for their customers. 

We like to say that no one understands networks better than Lucent. Our clients certainly find that our knowledge and expertise is exceptional, and goes far beyond hardware and software products. It includes long familiarity with the communications environment. We're at the forefront of  telecoms technology. Worldwide. We have the deepest knowledge of our diverse customers and their needs. Worldwide. We have the clearest vision of new futures,  plus the commitment, resources and knowledge to achieve them.

With us, you're in direct contact with all the technology, expertise, experience and vision which can deliver total networking solutions to create and sustain your success now and in years ahead.... nationally, and worldwide.


You often can't measure the direct results of a well written brochure, as usually there aren't any. Direct results, that is, rather than indirect.

But one significant internal measure of success is the speed of approval. Especially tricky with some technical subjects. Hitting the right balance between (correct) technical stuff and (well targeted) non-technical words is key.

I usually talk at length with the techies and get to learn the language if not always understand the science. I aim to develop copy which they're comfortable with and which normal mortals can understand too.  

 If you'd like to see more from this brochure and other business to business copywriting - low tech, high tech and a lot more, call me on 01626 853555.